Ilia, Tata Harper, Alima Pure, RMS Beauty


Transitioning from Fall to Winter

We’re transitioning from Fall to Winter and our skin will become more and more thirsty and dry, so it’s time to nurture it and give extra TLC!  I have been playing with ideas on how to change up my skin routine so that it doesn’t get used to the same thing day in and day out…  Although I am happy with all of my natural, nontoxic skincare and makeup, I decided to shake it up a bit and share it with you!  

Here’s what’s HOT right now. For some reason, everything I choose sells out quickly… could it be because these brands are THE BEST E–VAH???  Time to check out our Natural Skincare Holiday Shop.

One Love Organics
One Love Organics Vit B Enzyme Cleaner and Makeup Remover

I do not have perfect skin, and never will, but I want it to be healthy, plump and glow from within. Being am a proud mother of two teenagers and a 10 year-old who is already asking about my nontoxic lip glosses and cream eye shadows that sparkle, I am proud to be able to educate my girls on what’s good and bad for their skin. I’m in my mid-forties and looking for healthy looking skin that glows, and not interested in Insta perfection or a fake look.

For your information, description of above products in order of use:

Cleaning Routine:
2 Evan Healy Lemongrass Facial Polish (Ayurvedic) with Neem, Tulsi and Manshistha – gentle exfoliation – magnificent!
3. Evan Healy Hydrosol – Any kind but I love the Rose Geranium and Immortelle. Simply wow.
4. Skin Owl Geranium Beauty Drops (a.m.) and Mangosteen (p.m.) – simply stunning results, especially in the morning!
5. Skin Owl Eye Serum – totally works! Really.
Makeup Application:
6. RMS Beauty UnCoverup – I have oily skin and this does NOT clog my skin – halellujah!
7. RMS Beauty Contour Bronzer, you can wear it light or build it up for dramatic sculpting. Sensational!
8. Antonym Cosmetics Organic Baked Blush – I love the Rose color, my teenage daughter and I each own one. Very natural results, stunning product!
9. Antonym Cosmetics Organic Baked Highlighter – classy, not overly shiny, perfect highlight! Better than the creamy ones because it doesn’t look fake or too greasy.
10. Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tints – so sexy, absolutely love wearing these! They plump but not too much. And some days I switch to lipstick:
11. Ilia Lipsticks – so smooth and it stays on!
12. Lily Lolo eyeliner is one of my favorites, though I own a few other brands like Alima Pure, Vapour Organics, Saint Cosmetics and Au Naturale, but right now I’m sticking to Lily Lolo for this winter season, to shake it up a bit.